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 Gerasimov: Russia calls on SCO countries to participate in Syrias reconstruction   ::::   Damascus International Fair to witness wide international participatio   ::::   Ryabkov: UNSC to hold emergency session to discuss situation in Idleb   ::::   US-led coalition admits responsibility for killing 77 civilians in Raqqa last summer   ::::   Jubata al-Khashab in Quneitra is clear of terrorism   ::::   Lavrentiev: Moscow stands by Syria sovereignty Russian forces are there to combat terrorist organizations   ::::   Final statement of Astana 10 round affirms preserving Syrias sovereignty and territorial integrity   ::::   New batch of displaced Syrians return from Lebanon   ::::   Army liberates 8 towns and villages in al-Yarmouk basin, moving closer towards ending terrorism in Daraa countryside   ::::   As the Syrian army liberated Quneitra of terrorism, it will restore the occupied territory   ::::   South Ossetias President concludes his visit to Syria: Enhance aspects of cooperation with Damascus   ::::   Moscow: Consultations underway to lift unilateral economic sanctions on Syria   ::::   Zakharova: White Helmets involved in fabricating lies and criminal acts   ::::   Families of Russian Martyrs visit Syria, affirm joint war against terrorism   ::::   Presidents al-Assad and Bibilov affirm importance of launching bilateral relations between Syria and South Ossetia   ::::   46 buses carrying hundreds of terrorists on board exit from Quneitra countryside   ::::   Lavrov underlines importance of helping Syria in reconstruction   ::::   National flag hoisted in Naseeb town paving way for return of state institutions   ::::   Russian air defenses down UAV in Hmeimim   ::::   Terrorists who refused to join reconciliation in Mahajjeh town in Daraa northern countryside evacuated to northern Syria   ::::   Syria condemns the new Jewish racial law   ::::
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terrorists of various nationalities in Al Midan and Al Qaboon
After purging Al Midan and Al Qaboon quarters of the armed terrorist gangs and killing a large number of them, our armed forces discovered among them terrorists of various nationalities, including Egyptians and Jordanians. This showed that various Arab and regional states were involved in providing an environment embracing and supporting terrorism.
Day by day, the role of some states is exposed as they continue to bring terrorists, to give them training and to smuggle them into Syria. After chasing these terrorists in Al Midan and Al Qaboon our armed forces discovered that some of the dead terrorists carried the nationalities of some Arab states. Some of those terrorists came from Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia to commit crimes in Syria. Turkey and some other states along our borders give shelter and weapons to these terrorists. The correspondent of Agance France Presse reported the existence of more than 150 terrorists from several Arab, Islamic and African countries along the Syro-Turkish border in Bab Al Hawa. Those terrorists belong to extremist religious organizations. They carried heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and hand-made mines. The British daily The Times asserted that the so-called rebels in Syria were no more than mercenaries receiving money and weapons from foreign countries in order to carry out raids and ambushes.
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