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Mikdad: Syrian leadership decision on chemical weapons expresses true interest of Syrian people
Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad called upon the countries that welcomed Syria's decision to join the chemical weapons prohibition convention to uphold their responsibility in stopping the terrorism of foreign-backed armed groups.

In an interview given to Al-Alam TV, Mikdad said that the Syrian leadership has always been committed to any initiative that could help resolve and stop the aggression on Syria, reiterating Syria's determination to continue defending its land and people and fighting terrorism.

He pointed out that handing over chemical weapons will not affect balance in the region, saying that what the Syrian leadership did wasn't backing down; rather if expresses the true interest of the Syrian people.

Mikdad affirmed that Syria has many options for responding to any Israeli aggression and is full y prepared to confront any foreign aggression, calling upon the international community to pressure Israel to abandon its chemical, biological and nuclear arsenal.

He reiterated that Syria never has and never will use any chemical weapon, saying that Syria provided its friends and allies with information showing that armed groups were the ones who used chemical weapons.

Mikdad also lauded the positions of some Lebanese leaders and figures, primarily Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, saying that these positions defend Lebanon before Syria, while other positions in Lebanon aren't worth commenting on.

On the role of the Turkish Justice and Development Party government's role in the crisis in Syria and its support for armed groups, Mikdad said that Erdogan's government wants to escalate the situation in service of Israel and the US by supporting terrorism and opening borders for gunmen to enter Syria.

Mikdad described the Saudi regime as "spiteful," pointing out to Saudi Arabia's support for terrorism against Syrians.

He concluded by thanking Iran, particularly Supreme Guide of the Revolution Ali Khamenei, for their support of Syria's government and people.
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