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Czech and Chile support political solution in Syria
Czech Foreign Ministry reiterated that the peaceful and diplomatic means are the only ways to solve the crisis in Syria, welcoming the Russian-US agreement on the chemical weapons in Syria.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Ministry said "This agreement should ensure putting the chemical weapons in Syria under international supervision and destroying them."

"The Czech Initiative for Solidarity with Syria" stressed on a statement on Tuesday, its support to the Syrian people in facing the US threats of launching aggression on the country.

The statement pointed out that the US, France, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arab and Turkey have been engaged in a war for more than two years and a half against the Syria government through their agents, the armed terrorist groups.

Chile hopes Russian-US agreement on Syria will be a first step towards political solution

Meanwhile, Chile announced its support for the Russian-U.S. agreement on chemical weapons in Syria, expressing hope that the agreement will be a first step towards finding a political solution to the crisis in the country.

"Chile hopes the framework agreement on disposing of the chemical weapons in Syria will be a first step towards creating the conditions that will lead to a political solution to the crisis in it," Chilean Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued Tuesday night.

Uruguay also expressed Monday its welcome of the Russian-U.S. agreement on Syria, which was reached on September 14 by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his U.S. counterpart John Kerry and stipulated for putting the chemical weapons in Syria under international control.
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