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World countries welcome Iran nuclear deal
World countries welcomed the Iran nuclear deal reached in Geneva as a solution to one of the most complicated issue in the world.

The deal, which recognizes the right of Iran to enrich uranium, were signed by Iran and the foreign ministers of P5+1.

Putin: Iran nuclear deal would lead to untying one of most difficult knots in world politics

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Iran-P5+1 group deal has led to getting closer to "untying one of the most difficult knots in world politics".

In a Kremlin statement, Putin added "a breakthrough step has been made, but only the first on a long and difficult path," stressing that the agreement would positively affect the international situation particularly in the Middle East.

Lavrov: Iran nuclear deal can be useful for Geneva 2 preparations

Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov said the core of the Iran-P5+1 group accord was based on an idea proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Commenting on the deal reached last night, Lavrov stressed his confidence that Iran will honestly cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency, noting that the deal means agreement on the need to recognize Iran\'s right to possess nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, including right to uranium enrichment.

"At the end of the day, this is a gain for all of us," Lavrov was quoted as saying by Russia Today website, emphasizing that the deal has removed all risks and questions over the threat of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction due to the Iranian nuclear program.

He considered that the agreement on Iran\'s nuclear program can be useful with regard to the preparations to hold the intended international conference on Syria, known as Geneva 2.

"In addition to the many advantages, I hope this agreement will yield benefits for the efforts seeking solving the Syrian problem, and that is through Iran joining us in the constructive work t hold Geneva 2," said Lavrov.

In the same context, Russian Foreign Minister said the agreement will affect in a constructive way in the situation of the Middle East region and contribute to overcoming the tendency of solving crises and disputes in this region by means of force that has prevailed over the past years.

In Israel, the new deal created a wave of disappointment and discontent, with the Israeli Prime Minister releasing a statement in which he said that deal is a "bad" one that gives Iran what it wants.

Iran and the P5+1 group signed an agreement on Iran\'s nuclear program that recognizes Iran\'s right to enrich uranium and continue its activities in the Iranian nuclear facilities after long negotiations held in Geneva.
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