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Health Ministry launches new national anti-polio vaccination campaign
Health Ministry launches new national anti-polio vaccination campaign
Ministry of Health on Sunday launched a new national anti-polio vaccination campaign that will last till next Thursday with the aim of reaching all the children who are under five regardless of their previous vaccines.

The campaign is launched in cooperation with the World Health Organization “WHO” and the UNICEF through the health centers and about 3,800 mobile teams with the participation of 4,200 health workers and 500 volunteers.

Earlier on Saturday, Health Minister Nizar Yazaji told SANA that all the required measures have been taken to guarantee the success of the campaign, reiterating that the vaccines used by the Health Ministry are safe.

The disease entered Syria through terrorists coming from Pakistan as several cases were registered in 2013 . Ministry of Health has adopted tight measures to curb the disease as many national anti-polio campaigns were launched over the past years.

Today campaign is the 32nd of its kind to be held in Syria since 2013 with the aim to have Syria freed of polio.
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