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First batch of al-Moadamiyeh displaced locals in Lebanon return home
First batch of al-Moadamiyeh displaced locals in Lebanon return home
- Tens of displaced families in Lebanon returned to their homes in al-Moadamiyeh city via Jdeidet Yabous crossing on the Syrian-Lebanese border after safety and security returned to the city.

Nostalgic features, joy and happiness were evident on the faces of the families who headed back to their homes after long years of absence, praising the great achievements made by the Syrian Arab Army who restored safety and security to al-Moadamiyeh city and cleared it of terrorism.

Mohammed Osama Hamra, who coordinated the return of al-Moadamiyeh’s locals from Lebanon to Syria told SANA that the necessary administrative procedures for the return of the displaced locals have been organized in cooperation with the reconciliation committee and the after the approval for the return of the first batch of 41 persons was obtained, adding that during the current month, a total of 173 persons will arrive in a second batch and more than 1,000 persons are expected in the third.

Hamra pointed out the facilitations provided to ensure the return of families by competent authorities.

A number of families expressed joy over their return to their city, thanking the Syrian army for making it possible.

Mohammed Qweider, who came to welcome his returning family from Lebanon after eight years of absence, said that “the country missed them and they missed it”, hoping that all Syrians will return to their homeland.

On Thursday, some 450 displaced Syrians arrived to al-Zamrani crossing coming from the Lebanese town of Arsal as buses were waiting to transport them to their villages and houses in Damascus Countryside.
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