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Syria participates in 19th World Festival of Youth and Students
Syria participates in 19th World Festival of Youth and Students
A Syrian youth delegation is taking part ing the activities of 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, which continued on Tuesday with sessions focusing on the refugee crisis as a result of imperialist aggression, peace and justice, anti-imperialism and the friendship of people.

Member of Syrian delegation Dr. Nidal Ammar said the terrorism supported financially and logistically by the United States, the Zionism, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, led to the displacement of thousands of Syrian families to neighboring countries and Europe.

Ammar noted that the Syrian state is working to ensure the return of the displaced persons to their homes and provide them with all the assistance they need.

Ammar Kadeh, also a member in the delegation, pointed out that the Syrian youth and student organizations are keen to establish close relations with youth and student organizations all over the world who are supportive of the just causes.

The festival is held between 14-22 October in the Russian city of Sochi with the participation of more than 20,000 youths from 150 countries.

The platform brings together young leaders aged 18-35 from various fields: youth NPOs representatives, young journalists, creative and sports youth, young workers, young IT-specialists, and engineers, leaders of political parties’ youth organizations, young faculty members, young leaders of student governments, young scientists, young entrepreneurs, as well as compatriots and foreigners learning Russian language and interested in Russian culture.

On Sunday, the Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the Festival, saying that “I am confident, you, the youth from various countries, of various nationalities and religions, are united by a common feeling of values and goals, striving for freedom, happiness, peace and accord on the planet, aspiration for bigger achievements.”

The Festival was established in 1947 by the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) and is held once every four years since then. Russia has previously hosted it twice in 1957 and in 1985.
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