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Syrias mission in Geneva: OHCHR reports lack credibility in dealing with humanitarian suffering in Syria
Syrias mission in Geneva: OHCHR reports lack credibility in dealing with humanitarian suffering in Syria
Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN Office at Geneva stressed that reports and statements submitted by the High Commissioner and employees working at the Office of the UN High Commission for Human Rights in Geneva (OHCHR) lack credibility and reliability as they totally disregard the suffering of Syrian people, selectively dealing with the humanitarian issue in Syria.

In a statement released on Wednesday in response to a statement issued by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Syria’s Permanent Mission in Geneva said that the High Commissioner continues to rely on non-confidential sources of information and fabricated propaganda circulated by terrorist groups and their media networks, including the so-called “White Helmets” organization and its allegations about the exact numbers of victims in the areas held by terrorist organizations, adding that the Commissioner’s claims can’t be verified due to the absence of any official presence of the United Nations in those areas.

The statement added that since January 22,2018, the armed terrorist organizations located in Eastern Ghouta area have targeted Damascus city and its countryside with hundreds of shells, claiming the lives of dozens of citizens, including children and women, injuring many others and causing massive destruction to houses, schools, hospitals, public service facilities and HQ of some diplomatic missions and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

“Those terrorist attacks come at a time when some Western and UN officials, especially the High Commissioner, have been organizing campaigns that can only be described as direct support to the terrorists and a way to encourage them to continue their terrorism without fearing of being held accountable, in addition to denying the right of the Syrian State to defend its citizens and fight against foreign-backed terrorism, which are clearly intended to mislead the world public opinion and cover up the crimes perpetrated by armed terrorist groups against Syrian civilians,” the statement said.

The selectivity of the Higher Commissioner is not surprising and clearly shown in his reports as well as his ignorance of the so-called US-led international coalition’s attacks against the Syrian sovereignty and massacres committed against the Syrian civilians in Deir Ezzor which left dozens killed and wounded, not to mention the deafening silence towards Turkish aggression on Afrin area which resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of civilians and caused massive material damage to the citizens’ houses, schools, hospitals and public properties, the statement added.

There is a match between the High Commissioner’s stances and his successive statements intended to influence the international public opinion and turn it against Syria just like what happened before the liberation of Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city from Jabhat al-Nusra organization and its allies more than a year ago, said the statement, stressing that such statements only serve the countries involved in the war against Syria which the High Commissioner insists on overlooking their crimes and violations of the UN’s Charter and the rules of international law, including the international humanitarian law and all the UN Security Council’s resolutions on Syria.
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