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Russia urges US to stop supporting terrorists in Syria, Lavrov says
Russia urges US to stop supporting terrorists in Syria, Lavrov says
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged Washington and the US-led “international coalition” to stop supporting terrorists in Syria, especially in Ghouta.

Speaking at the “Russia – Land of Opportunity” forum on Thursday, Lavrov said that “The most important thing is that in Eastern Ghouta and elsewhere in Syria, the US-led coalition, which is conducting an aerial operation there and has a large number of special forces on the ground, ceases to support terrorists, such as Nusra Front and all other factions that the West considers to be not extremist. For some reason these factions work under the “umbrella” of Nusra Front and have a common command. The UN Security Council Resolution 2254 demands the terrorists be shunned.”

“We will be working for the enforcement of the UN Security Council’s resolutions, which require respect for the territorial integrity, freedom, independence and sovereignty of Syria,” Lavrov added.

The Russian Top Diplomat affirmed that Russia will continue to fight and defeat terrorists, particularly in Eastern Ghouta, where the Syrian Arab Army is carrying out its operations in combating terrorism with Russian support.

He pointed out that Moscow would make “humanitarian exceptions,” meaning that those who want to exit Eastern Ghouta and receive humanitarian aid can use the humanitarian corridors, as was announced earlier by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Lavrov clarified that the guarantor states of the cessation of hostilities in Syria will formulate recommendations for the Syrian government and the “opposition” following the meeting in Astana due to be held in the Kazakh capital of Astana.
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