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After a seven-year hiatus, Aleppo Spring Art Exhibition 2018 kicks off
After a seven-year hiatus, Aleppo Spring Art Exhibition 2018 kicks off
Aleppo Spring Art Exhibition 2018 kicked off at al-Assad Fine Arts hall in Aleppo city on Sunday showcasing 39 artworks. The exhibition’s comeback comes after a seven-year hiatus.

The artworks varied between portraiture, oil painting and wooden and metal sculptures depicting nature, Aleppo, women and Aleppo’s history and heritage as well as its steadfastness in the face of terrorism.

Fine artist Thaer Hezi said that the exhibition is considered one of the most important Syrian art exhibitions because it introduces a group of great artists who are exhibiting their artistic works, explaining that in his artistic painting he sought to touch on the man’s view of the past, driving home a forward-looking message of getting past bygone times ad heading for the future.

Sculptor Abdul-Qader Manafikhi said that the exhibition, which started as an annual exhibition about 50 years ago, showcases the works of artists from different generations.

He pointed out that his current participation came in the form of wooden sculptures that embody the names of Allah with simple and manual tools.

Artist Ahed Qattan, in turn, said that her participation embodied the adhesion of women to the homeland, while artist Ibrahim Dawood said that his painting portrays what the city of Aleppo had experienced during the years of war.
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