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Army expands control in Homs eastern countryside,regains control over Masoud village in Salamiyeh countryside
Army expands control in Homs eastern countryside,regains control over Masoud village in Salamiyeh countryside
Army units continued the military operations against ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of Hama city, expanding control in the area and establishing control over Mas’aoud
village in Salamiyeh eastern countryside.

A military source told SANA that army units on Monday morning established control over Mas’oud village in the eastern countryside of Salamiyeh to the east of Hama City after engaging in violent
clashes with ISIS terrorists who positioned in thevillage after fleeing away from Oqairbat town which was liberated by the army last week.

The source added that a number of ISIS terrorists were killed in the clashes and their vehicles were destroyed, in addition to finding a vehicle rigged with explosives and an armored vehicle.

An amount of ISIS arms and ammunition was also seized by the army units.

After establishing control on Mas’oud village, army units started to head for the other villages to liberate them and eliminate ISIS terrorists in them, according to the source.


Units of Syrian Arab Army intensified their operations in chasing down the remnants of ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of Homs, expanding their control in the area and inflicting heavy losses upon in ranks and equipment upon ISIS.

Army units operating in the eastern countryside of Homs expanded their control over the area to the north and west of Belas Mountains after they targeted ISIS gatherings and fortifications to the east of Shaer Mount in the eastern countryside of the city.

A number of ISIS terrorists were killed due to the army’s operations and their vehicles were destroyed.
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