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More than 70 people from Afrin escape Turkish regimes terror to Hasaka
More than 70 people from Afrin escape Turkish regimes terror to Hasaka
Scores of people from Afrin reached Hasaka province, fleeing the aggression of the Turkish regime and the terrorist groups it backs who had stormed the northern city and destroyed its infrastructure and service centers, in addition to stealing the contents houses and public facilities.

Head of Social Affairs and Labor Department of Hasaka Directorate Issam al-Hussein told SANA that 11 families that include 50 members and 18 orphaned children along with their companions have reached the northeastern province during the past two days, escaping terror of the Turkish regime’s forces.

Hussein clarified that al-Qabas Charity has received them and provided residence to them in al-Qahtania town and the neighboring villages, along with food and health aid, stressing the readiness of the Directorate and the charities in the province to receive families from Afrin.
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