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Cabinet approves integrated work plan for liberated areas
Cabinet approves integrated work plan for liberated areas
The Cabinet approved an integrated plan to develop the field of services and economy for the areas liberated recently from terrorism.

The plan which included the villages of Homs and Hama countryside, and Damascus Countryside, aims to restore all services and infrastructure, and putting state institutions in service.

The session which was chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Sunday allocated the necessary sums to revive the industrial and handicraft zones at al-Qaboun, al-Zablatani, and al-Qadam.

The MPs stressed the necessity of rapid rehabilitation of the infrastructure and services, and giving all facilitations that encourage the return of craftsmen into the area.

In the same context, the cabinet commissioned the Ministry of Transport to expand the railway projects, and give special attention to the relationship between the public and private sectors which will support infrastructure projects in the field of transport.

They also asked the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to activate the role of National Fund for Social Assistance in the best way to fulfill its functions in empowering the targeted social category.
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