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Syrian Arab Republic delegation meets Iranian and Russian delegations in framework of Astana 9 on Syria
Syrian Arab Republic delegation meets Iranian and Russian delegations in framework of Astana 9 on Syria
The Syrian Arab Republic delegation headed by Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari held a meeting on Monday with Iranian delegation headed by Senior Assistant to Iran’s Foreign Minister for Special Political Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari in framework of Astana 9 on Syria.

The two sides discussed topics on the agenda of Astana 9, the continued consultation and coordination between the Syrian and Iranian sides, as well as the Turkish regime’s violations of international laws, covenants and some items of the Astana agreements through its continued support to terrorism.

Later, SANA’s reporter said that the Syrian Arab Republic’s delegation held a meeting with Russian delegation, headed by Russian President Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev, within the 9th round of Astana.

Earlier, the Russian delegation to Astana talks, headed by Lavrentiev held a meeting with the Iranian delegation headed by Jaberi Ansari.

The Russian delegation also met with delegation of the Turkish regime.

On Monday morning, the ninth round of Astana talks on Syria kicked off with the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation of headed by Dr. al-Jaafari.

Sputnik Agency quoted the Press Service at the Kazakh Foreign Ministry as saying that “bilateral and trilateral talks started today in Astana in framework of Astana process on Syria with the participation of delegations from the guarantor states.”

Head of the Press Service of Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry Anuar Zhaynakov indicated that the US abstained from sending a delegation as observer to the talks, adding that the reason behind that is unknown.

The Kazakh capital of Astana has hosted eight meetings on Syria, the last of which was on Dec. 21-22.

All the meetings emphasized commitment to Syria’s territorial integrity and finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

Need to adopt urgent and active international steps to help the Syrians achieve a political solution was also emphasized during the meetings.

Lavrentiev: De-escalation zones in Syria still effective

Head of the Russian delegation to Astana talks on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, said that Moscow does not consider any of de-escalation zones in Syria of no more effectiveness.

In a statement to journalists, Lavrentiev said that the de-escalation zones in Syria are still effective as part of a planned transformation in terms of the peaceful political process in the country.

He expected that the three guarantor states of ceasefire in Syria will issue a joint statement at the end of the 9th round of Astana talks which includes assessment of the results of efforts exerted by all parties concerned and setting up future plans.
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