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President Bashar al-Assad sworn in for a new term
President Bashar al-Assad was sworn in Wednesday before the members of the People’s Assembly.

Following the swearing in, the President delivered a speech in which he first saluted the Syrian people, calling them “honorable” and “free”.

He reminded how, throughout the crisis in Syria, which is now in its forth year, some have spoken on behalf of the Syrian people repeating the slogan “The People Want’

“Yes, the people did want, the people did make their decision, the people did act,” the President said.

“Years have passed since some chanted for freedom, but you, the Syrians, were the freemen at the time of subordination, and you were the masters at the time of acting,” he added.

He applauded the Syrian people for having practiced democracy at its best by choosing “your constitution, parliament and president. Thus the choice was yours and democracy was of your making.”

The President also hailed the Syrians’ firm steadfastness as they have refused to bow, surrender or give up to those who shouted that “they won’t kneel down but to God”.

“Rather you held fast to their homeland and believed in an only God…When they said ‘God is Great’, God was greater than them and those who stood by them because God is on the side of the right and the right is one the side of the people ,” the President said.

The President dismissed everything those said or did in the name of the Syrian people as mere “talk” and “illusion”, lauding the Syrians for having done the acting and made the fact on the ground.

“They wanted it a revolution, but you have been the real revolutionaries,” he said.

President al-Assad stressed that “The compass has now been rendered clear to many who have missed the vision, being ignorant or else misled, and the ugly faces have been exposed after the mask of ‘freedom’ and ‘revolution’ was dropped.”

Yet, he added, “the fangs of those came into play in the Syrian body in terms of killing, destroying, eating hearts and livers, slaughtering and beheading.”

The President hailed Syria’s June 3 presidential elections as “a full-dimensional battle” and not just a procedural political process, a battle “for its win all other battles have been devoted.”

The elections, he added, “were a declaration of a real affiliation to the homeland that rises above the affiliation given by an ID or a passport.”

The President went on saying that the elections were “our battle to defend the sovereignty, legitimacy, national decision and the people’s dignity,” commending the big participation in the vote as “a referendum in favor of sovereignty against terrorism with all its forms.”

“With your votes, you have toppled the terrorists together with their Syrian agents who have been a cover for them. You also brought down their masters,” the President said.

President al-Assad added “they were appalled seeing the Syrian citizen holding his passport, choosing his candidate and casting his votes in the ballot boxes… they were terrified by these simple steps because they understood that they are more than mere elections- they stand for defending the homeland, its sovereignty and dignity- and that what made them prevent the voting process in their countries and some Arab countries that follow them.. That is the hypocrisy of the West.”

“The Syrians abroad declared through the elections that they are Syrians by heart and soul, and they have proved what we said in the beginning: the main reason that made the citizens go abroad is the terrorism and brutality of the gunmen. For how could a sane person believe that a citizen was attacked by his own state and fled its crackdown would at the same time support it with all enthusiasm shown by the expatriates and displaced during the elections?” President al-Assad wondered.

“You have proved throughout history that you are people who do not fear challenge but rather love it whoever the challenger is … you have foiled the enemies and proved their shallowness and ignorance,” the President said, adding “analysis and study centers will be drowned for years in searching for answers for all what happened, to identify the enemies’ mistakes’ their misjudgment and their wrong decisions in the past stage, but they will not reach the answer because they have been accustomed to flunkies and depended on agents.”

He added that the presidential elections was for many of the Syrians “a bullet shot at the chests of the terrorists and those standing behind them.”

“Millions of bullets were fired and hit and settled in the ballot boxes, proving that all the empires of politics, media and oil are worthless in front of a sincere pure national stance,” said the President.

He affirmed that the victory of the Syrian people would not have been made possible was it not for the blood of the martyrs and the injured and for their steadfast and patient families.

President al-Assad struck a defiant note by saying that the tougher the conditions the more firm the Syrian people.

“We are people who get more defiant by pressures and who face the attempts of humiliation with more pride, dignity and self-confidence,” he added.

President al-Assad said that aggression on Syria does not target persons or governments as it seemed to some people at the beginning , but it targets the country’s structure, role and mentality of its citizens to turn them into herds led remotely and to distract them with endless conflicts that extend to generation instead of taking interest in their national ambitions and achieve welfare.

President al-Assad affirmed that the colonial west is still colonial, the essence is one even if the methods have changed, adding that although the west and its Arab tool governments have failed to fulfill what they planned for, this does not mean they stopped to exhaust Syria as an alternative goal to achieve the basic goals planed by them for a remote extent, unfortunately with Syrian hands that sold their country, not their honor because they have no honor at all.

President al-Assad added since the beginning of the crisis we warned that what is happening is a plot that will not stop at Syria’s border but it will pass it as terrorism knows no limits….. at that time some people said that “the Syrian President threats the world”, Is not what we see today in Iraq Lebanon all countries infected by the false plague of the Arab spring a concrete, tangible evidence of what we warned of before,” the President wondered, adding that soon we will see the Arab, regional and western countries that supported terrorism paying heavy price.

The President affirmed that a lot of people will understand, some of them lately and even after it’s too late, that the war which the Syrian citizens carry on in dependence of their own land is going beyond the country’s borders to defend a lot of peoples that sooner or later will confront the same terrorism due to the lack of vision in their policies and absolute ignorance of their countries’ interests.

President al-Assad said we have decided since the first days of aggression to go ahead into balanced tracks; striking terrorism and making local reconciliations to those who want to return to the right path, and we were confident that the right solutions are only Syrians.

The President added I reiterate my call to those who were mislead to through away weapons because ” we will not stop fighting terrorism and striking it wherever it was.

” We are not concerned about those who went out as traitor, agent or corrupter as the country has cleaned itself from those… and they have no place or position at the Syrians.

Dialogue does not include powers that proved their non-patriotism which escaped the dialogue since the beginning and bet on the change of power balance and when they lost the bet they decided to change the direction for not missing the train or those who pretended to be patriotic and that they claimed to be concerned for the country and at the same time they attempted with their stances to secure the cover for the terrorists for promises and funds that came to them from abroad, yet we do not negotiate the overly agent powers as Syrians but as representatives for the countries that they are loyal to.

“Their use of the term ‘civil war’ for describing what is going on in Syria is nothing but an attempt for providing the terrorists with a legitimate cover as a party in the inter-Syria dispute, but not as a vile tool by the west,” President al-Assad said.

“We even exceeded the idea of coexistence that was present before the events reaching the beginning of full merge among the Syrians…the scene of the Syrians of different elements in front of ballot boxes and the popular consensus and the high turnout in the elections prove this fact, which is the rich hues of the society are like organs of a body that have different functions and tasks but they are integrated for serving each other and the whole body that they belong to… No more coexistence or tolerance today but integration and harmony.”

If the foreign factor is clear on the tongue of offenders and their tools, the internal factor remains the basis for tackling the current condition and preventing similar cases in the future, and if there is an almost consensus among the Syrians that the main reason for some side’s indulgence in destroying the homeland is ignorance, then the most dangerous basis upon which the crisis has been built is the lack of morals.

President al-Assad said that the morality is not an alternative for developing systems and laws or a justification to avoid the responsibility of the state, “If morals and culture are the bases then developing the management of the state and its institutions is the building itself, any building without an adamant basis is a ramshackle one.”

President al-Assad said the moral corruption begets financial and administrative corruption, which in turn results in a more dangerous corruption; corruption in patriotism that “results in persons who sell their homeland and the blood of its sons to whom pays more. Fighting corruption needs work on many levels simultaneously.”

The President called for letting the combating of corruption at all the institutions be a priority in the coming stage, a priority he said that should be for the individuals as much as it is for the officials so as “to strike corruption at its roots instead of wasting the time trimming branches”.

The President further called for working hand in hand on reconstruction, which he said will be “the headline of the economy in the coming stage,” in parallel with the work to rehabilitate the other sectors.

President al-Assad said that this day marks the beginning of a new stage, the main distinguishing feature of which is consensus on protecting the homeland and rebuilding it morally, psychologically, and physically, as well as consensus on eliminating terrorism and bringing all those who strayed from the proper path back to the arms of the homeland.

He said that the word “sawa” (together, which was the slogan of his presidential elections campaign) means raising the sense of responsibility in each individual in order to move towards the future, adding “it means that together we will rebuild Syria and build what was destroyed, and that we will continue to strike at terrorism and carry out reconciliations in all areas.”

The President went on to say “Your steadfastness is the one that officially announced the death of what was falsely named the ‘Arab Spring’ and it redirected the compass. Had this spring been real, it would have started from the countries of Arab ignorance. Had it been a people’s revolution to earn freedom, democracy, and justice, it would have started in the most backwards, oppressive, and tyrannical countries, those countries that were behind every calamity that affected this nation.”

He noted that what is currently happening in Gaza is no separate or immediate event, because all the events since the occupation of Palestine up to the invasion of Iraq and the division of Sudan have been part of a chain of events planned by Israel and the West and implemented always by the countries of oppression, tyranny, and regression.

“Because these subservient states succeeded in their tasks, they were assigned to financing chaos under the title of Arab Spring and were given command of the Arab League after other Arab states abdicated their role, thus reducing the role of the League to summoning the NATO and imposing siege on Arab states and peoples that disobey their master.”

President al-Assad stressed that what is happening in Syria and the whole region is directly link to Palestine, and that distancing onselef from what is happening in Palestine is like someone watching a fire devour their neighbor’s house and refraining from putting it out, adding that those who believe that they can live in peace while distancing themselves from the Palestinian cause are delusional, as it will always be the central cause based on principles and reality and what that reality imposes in terms of links between what is happening in Syria and Palestine.

“Although we made very significant achievements in the previous stage in our war on terrorism, we did not and will not forget beloved Raqqa which we will deliver from terrorism, God willing. As for steadfast Aleppo and its heroic people, we will not rest until it returns to being safe and secure. The daily military operations there and the martyrs who came from across Syria for Aleppo’s sake is clear and tangible proof that Aleppo is in the heart of every Syrian,” the President said.

President al-Assad saluted the Syrian Army which spared no effort in defense of the homeland, and saluted popular defense groups and all the young men and women who took up arms in defense of the dignity, pride, and honor of their homeland.

“The greatest salute is for our people whose embracing of their sons in the military acted as an incubator for their achievement and a basis for their victories. We won’t forget the faithful members of the heroic Lebanese resistance who stood side by side with our army’s heroes and waged battles of honor together on both sides of the borders,” he said.

“The new stage has begun, and we are ready for it. Syria deserves all our efforts, sweat, and work, and we will not begrudge it anything, just as our heroes didn’t begrudge it their blood and their lives. I will remain the person who belongs to you, living among you, finding guidance in your opinions and enlightenment in your awareness. With you, hand in hand, Syria will remain proud, strong, steadfast, and impregnable to outsiders. We the Syrians will remain an impregnable fortress defending it and its dignity,” he concluded.
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