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Syrian businessman Nabel Rafeeq Al-Kazbari: Ahmad Kazbari is not one of my sons
Syrian businessman Nabel Rafeeq Al-Kazbari: Ahmad Kazbari is not one of my sons





Responding to the questions and some times congratulation e-mails on the Ahmad Kazbari’s victory in the parliamentary elections, which are coming from the assumption that Ahmad Kazbari is one of Nabel  Rafeeq Al-Kazbari’s sons based on his full name.



The statement said: Some of the mass media asked about my relation to Ahmad Kazbari, including the French paper Le monde, and I would like to make a few points clear, and answer some questions:









1. We would like to congratulate Ahmad Kazbari and all the other members of the people’s assembly that were lucky in the recent elections, wishing them much success in serving the interests of the Syrian people.





2. Mr. Ahmad Kazbari is a member of a large renowned Damascene family, but he is not one of my brothers nor is he one of my sons.





My sons are: Professor Raffeq MD. Usama, and Lowie and they are businessmen working with Fempex Co. and they have some involvements in our other businesses, and they have been here in Vienna for the passed 36 years.





3. We would also like to make it clear that our family is involved in business, trade and industry, and we have no political activities, not in Syria nor in Austria where we live and we carry Austrian citizenships; we do our best to serve Syria and all its people, in addition to the country which citizenships we carry Austrian; through our economic businesses, working in the lines of the law









                                                                   Nabel Rafeeq Al-Kazbari










 2012-05-30  |  07:13:58   
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